The Formation of Jade

The geological conditions for the formation of jade are very harsh. According to the confirmation of general study, the geological environment should be high-pressure, the temperature between 150~300 ºC, the jade wall rock should be the rock rich in magnesium, calcium and poor in iron. The jade produced in this environment is very pure, with little iron, the bottom won’t take on grey. After the formation of the jade, it is affected by the geological function and many forceful hydrothermal activities, the coloring process of jade is going along with the hydrothermal activities, which is a process of many term’s coloring activities with different forces. In the activity process, the chromium ion will disassemble gradually the coloring factors. With long time in the high temperature environment of 212 ºC more or less, the chromium ion immerses into the crystal lattice gradually and well-proportionally, the green of jade will be very fair formed in this kind of condition. After the formation of fine quality jade, there couldn’t be large tectonic movements, or they will bring cracks, different sizes and directions to the jade, affecting the quality. It is very hard to possess all the conditions mentioned above at the same time, which is the reason why the superfine jades are so rare.

50mmx30mm Burma Green Jade Buddha Statue Pendant

50mmx30mm Burma Green Jade Buddha Statue Pendant

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